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Membership Information

ACTIVE members serve at one business or general meeting, and volunteer on at least one committee during the Club year from September through May.

ASSOCIATE membership consists of members who, because of a physical condition or illness, are inactive in the work of the Club. Associate members are not required to serve on a committee.*

SENIOR membership may be requested when a member has reached the age of 80 and has been a member of the Club for 5 years or more. To attain Senior status, a member must have been in a Federated Woman's Club for a minimum of 5 years and be a minimum of 80 years of age. Senior members are not required to serve on a committee.*

HONORARY membership consists of members who have performed an outstanding service for the Woman’s Club of Stuart. Any member of the Club may nominate another member for this honor. Nominations will be reviewed and approved by the Executive Board. Honorary membership will be retained for life. Honorary members are not required to serve on a committee.

*By approval of the Executive Board.

Current Membership Dues

ACTIVE Membership 

(7 Monthly Luncheons Included): $150

SENIOR Membership 

(7 Monthly Luncheons Included): $115

ASSOCIATE Membership 


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